Our engineering department specializes in the drinking water and domestic wastewater utility services. Services include field investigations, data collection, long-range planning, feasibility studies, permitting, preliminary design, preparation of Plans and Specifications, contract administration and construction inspection. We can also assist in plant operations and preparation of municipal codes, ordinances and assessment of tap fees and monthly users charges.

WWE Engineering

Engineering services for our Clients range from long-range capital improvements planning, design, Plans and Specifications for rehabilitation and/or replacement of existing system components, monitoring flows, loading, or usage as compared to capacity and reserve capacity, assistance with efficient and effective operation and maintenance, compliance with permits and standards, and oversight of proposed developments.

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Wastewater Systems - collection systems, sewage lift stations and force mains, wastewater treatment plants, and biosolids handling.

Water Systems - raw water supplies and protection, water treatment facilities, finished water storage, water distribution systems, and booster stations.

Contract Administration and Resident Inspection - engineering services during the construction phase of projects, shop drawing review, Contractor’s Pay Estimates, construction observation, and documentation of daily activities.

Other Services - information concerning irrigation systems, storm drainage, hydraulic design, streets and roadways, and flood studies.